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Our Services 

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In-Home Services are designed to meet each child and family’s unique needs through crisis management, intensive case management, counseling, family therapy, and skills training.

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Mental Health Skill-Building Services provide a multitude of interventions designed to help individuals live a more independent lifestyle by improving their overall daily functioning.

therapeutic day treatment.jpeg

Therapeutic Day Treatment services designed to assist at-risk students experiencing significant emotional and behavioral disturbances hindering their ability to function in school.

outpatient therapy.jpeg

A structured non-residential psychological treatment program addressing mental health and substance use disorders. 


Community based program developed to assist youth with the skills and abilities to maximize their opportunities for personal growth and productive citizenship.

life skills coaching.jpeg

Community based program developed to empower individuals by increasing their confidence.

cognitive skills training.jpeg

Evidenced-based program developed to reduce truancy in our schools and communities.

anger management.jpeg

Psycho-therapeutic program for anger prevention and control utilizing the latest in Mindfulness techniques.

vocational training.jpeg

Community based service designed to train youth and adults with job readiness activities, career preparation, and assistance in obtaining certifications

parenting group.jpeg

A multi-component parenting education program designed to help parents learn effective ways to relate to their children.

substance abuse.jpeg

Outpatient treatment provided by Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.

runaway prevention.jpeg

An evidence-based prevention program that provides education and awareness to youth regarding alternatives to running away. 


Structured academic support provided by a tutor with deep knowledge or defined expertise in a particular subject or set of subjects.  


Referrals can be made by calling : (757) 998-2100 or by faxing a copy of the referral form to (757) 998-2101.

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