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What is Mentoring?

Our Mentoring Program develops the skills and abilities of youth to maximize their opportunities for personal growth and productive citizenship. We provide academic, therapeutic and general mentoring based on personal development. Our program consists of evidenced-based curriculums and pre / post assessments which guide the necessary quantitative and qualitative data producing outcome measurements. 

How We Can Help

•    Academic
•    Therapeutic
•    Group
•    Decision Making
•    Leadership
•    Confidence and Self-Esteem
•    Skill Development
•    Goal Setting and Obtainment

Funding Accepted for Service
  • CSA (Hampton, Norfolk, Suffolk, Newport News, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake)

  • DJJ


Get the referral sheet to fax here:

Or fill it out on our website here:

Referrals can be made by calling (757) 998-2100 or by faxing a copy of the referral form to (757) 998-2101.

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