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Runaway Prevention

What is Runaway Prevention?

Crossroads (Runaway Prevention) program is an evidence-based prevention program that provides education to youth and young adults regarding alternatives to running away while building life skills for youth to resolve problems without resorting to running away or unsafe behavior. 

How We Can Help

Crossroads is designed to support youth that have run away or are thinking about running away from home, at risk for being homeless, or have been removed from home by their family. Crossroads utilizes a trauma-informed approach that involves understanding and responding to the symptoms of chronic, interpersonal trauma and traumatic stress, as well as the behavioral and mental health consequences of trauma. Understanding that the best way to reduce risk and trauma is to help youth achieve their full “quality of life”, Crossroads’ strategies focus on giving young people the chance to exercise leadership, build skills, and become involved in their communities. 

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Funding Accepted for Service
  • CSA 

Get the referral sheet to fax here:

Or fill it out on our website here:

Referrals can be made by calling (757) 998-2100 or by faxing a copy of the referral form to (757) 998-2101.

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