About Us

Agency Introduction
Quality of Life is defined as “the general well-being of a person or society, defined in terms of overall health and happiness, rather than wealth.” We believe in truly engaging families and meeting them where they are in order to better assist them along the road to recovery and self sufficiency. It is our aim to eventually stabilize families so that little to no outside intervention is required to ensure child safety as well as overall healthy and appropriate functioning. 
Let's Grow Together!
Our Mission

We believes that every child/client and their family deserve the right to remain intact. It is also our belief that every family when receiving services shall be treated with dignity and respect. 

We are dedicated to teaching families and individuals the needed skills to assist in keeping families together. We intend to improve the Quality of Life for all families we encounter,  and ensure those individuals are given the tools needed to be productive citizens. 

Our Vision

Quality of Life Counseling Center is:

  • Dedicated to providing an appropriate individualized service with high levels of accountability, professionalism and clinical quality which are supportive, structured, confidential and conducive towards the personal and social development of the individual which will be offered to all children and families without exception.

  • Committed to the use of strength based, holistic, practical and best practice approaches to supporting youth and their families.

“ We look forward to meeting you and your family, helping you define your goals, develop solutions, and creating successful environments!"